Proposed AHRMA Race Weekend Program for 2005:    Revised 6/11/04

General Rule:
All “modern Machines must use approved racing silencer/mufflers. Vintage machines that wish to compete –without handicap- may use their original exhaust systems.

Scoring for all classes for 2005:
Scoring will be electronic (most tracks are now equipped). AMA uses it, even AMA Districts in CC & HH use it. (Idea: Riders can buy transponder at a reasonable cost for the event or 5-years, as per AMA Dist-36).

Championship Points for Modern Machines:
Copy AMA Pro Road Racing points system or AHRMA MX system & values. (I feel Vintage scoring should be changed to this format too).

Prize Money: Beginning in 2005 “BoTT GP1/GP2” and “250GP, Stars of Today” will have prize money, thus moving these classes to a more professional level  (This will be paid via the promoter as per AMA Pro Road Racing). Later, the BoTT Mod Prod, BEARS & SoS will be included at a lower level.

Gridding: Race day grids (all) will be determined by POINTS, the rider with the highest total on race day will get the pole – regardless of pre or post entry. Grid size will be determined by post-mark (unless otherwise noted –as qualifying).

Proposed AHRMA Race Weekend Program for 2005: Saturday is VINTAGE DAY & Sunday is MODERN Day. Revised 6/10/04
Saturday Race Order: 200GP, Sportsman (all), Classic-60s/Class-C/Pre-40, 250GP, 350GP, F750/F500(250),  500-Premier. (If under 5 riders in say 200GP, they would be gridded behind 250GP).
Starting Procedure: Classic-60s & Class-C/Pre-40 will be a 2-wave start; with Classic-60s on front of grid. Sportsman will be a 2-wave start; with 750s up front. F750/500 will be a 2-wave; with 750s up front.  Start will be by flag (not lights).

Minimum Race Distance for 2005:
(mileage can be increased, but not decreased)
15-miles:   200GP  Class-C/Pre-40    Classic-60’s
25-miles:   250GP  350GP     Sportsman 
35-miles:   F750/500    500-Premier

Sunday Race Order:  SoS (all),   BEARS,  125 Grand Prix,  Sound of Thunder, Superbike Revisited, BoTT Mod Prod (both classes),  250 Grand Prix and BoTT GP.    
Starting Procedure: SoS will be a 2-wave start; BoTT Mod Prod will be a 2-wave start; with the bigger machines at the front.         Start will be by flag (not lights).

Minimum Race Distance for 2005:
25-miles:   125GP     Superbike-Revisited,
40-miles:   Sound of Thunder, SoS, BEARS
50-miles:   250GP    BoTT GP1/GP2

Note: All Modern classes are Pro-Am (Professional-Amateur); whereas Vintage classes are Amateur status only.  In this regard, the Pro-Am classes will have cash payback/purses, whereas the vintage classes will not.
Note: If entries for any of the modern classes are under a minimum (5), the class will not race. Example: If only 3 SoS/Jr machines are entered, then they would be permitted to compete in SoS/Sr – as Senior bikes, not Jr.  However, if only 3 SoS/Sr machines enter, they will not be permitted to race. This applies to all machines that cannot bump up.
Note: A “new riders” class would ONLY compete if minimum entries (10).  No points. It would run on Saturday with the Vintage machines (time permitting).
The end result.... As you can now see, we have two days of racing with some great classes, the vintage classes being the backbone of AHRMA (and before). The more modern classes are also a great group, and here AHRMA could possibly attract Major Sponsors and Manufacturers. In addition, we may be able to attract former AMA Superbike pilots of the era to come attend or even compete! This would be a huge boost for AHRMA!
To continue along the track we are on… we will con’t to have small grids, short races and no real backbone for our sport. We need to attract better machines, more of them, sponsors (major ones), manufacturers, spectators, and most of all… the Press! Without the press we'll  lose the sponsors, manufacturers and the spectators. Plain and simple. As for the other classes that we have, they will have to go away for the time being…  if they were of real value, we’d already be attracting the sponsors, manufacturers, spectators and the press.

Number Plate Colors for 2005 & Beyond;
Since spectators and racers alike like to know who’s who, and who’s riding what in combined classes, we must reinstate the colored number plate rules from the past, with a few modifications; They will be via displacement (as per FIM). Machines fitted with the wrong color number plates & numbers will not be permitted to compete, or practice.
The Vintage classes…

BLACK w/White #s 200GP
GREEN w/White #s 250GP
BLUE w/White #’s 350GP
YELLOW w/Black #s 500 Premier & 500 Sportsman
WHITE w/Black #s  F750
WHITE w/Black#s Class-C
WHITE w/Red#s Pre-40 &  New Riders Class
YELLOW w/Black #s  Classic 60s

The Modern classes…

BLACK w/White #s 125GP
GREEN w/White #s 250GP
YELLOW w/White #s SoS/Jr
WHITE w/Black #s SoS/Sr
YELLOW w/Black #s BoTT GP2
WHITE w/Black #s BoTT GP1 & BEARS & Superbike

Food for thought…
We might consider adding Endurance Racing to our modern program. This would have to be a day of its own. Races could vary from 4-Hours to 6-Hours in length.
All modern classes would be eligible except 125GP & 250GP.  Spec fuel would be required. Scoring would be Overall. Class Scoring could be broken down into “E1” (1000cc max) and “E2” (600cc 4-cylinder & 750cc twin-cylinder & 750cc singles), plus “Production” (1000cc max) and “Procuction2” (600cc 4-cylinder & 750cc twin-cylinder).  All “GP” machines must be “GP” machines. Production machines must meet Production rules.

Disclaimers: These names of organizations and/or of classes are used as reference use only in this proposal to AHRMA.

The names AHRMA, SoS (Sound of Singles), BoTT (Battle of the Twins), BEARS, 500-Premier, Classic 60’s, Sound of Thunder, Etc., are owned and/or used and/or registered trademarks of/by AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association)

The name AMA is owned by the American Motorcycle Association (of Ohio). It is used here as a reference only.

The names “Superbike Revisited”, “125 Grand Prix – The Stars of Tomorrow”, “250 Grand Prix – The Stars of Today” is copyrighted by Michael Green 2004 (Livermore, CA).