Battle of The Twins... AMA & AFM 1981-1986
Rider: Michael Green
We were quite jazzed when the new "Battle of the Twins" class appeared in AMA road racing... now racing a Triumph 750 twin (TR7RV), I thought, what better class to go racing in. In 1981 the AFM had talked of introducing the "Twins" class to their line up, but it wouldn't be until late in the season that it came to be. In the meantime we continued racing in 750 Modified Producation with the twin. In August 1981 (if memory serves me) the AFM would hold a Twins Race at Sears Point (I seem to remember there was a Twins race before the 6-hour at Riverside in July '81). Being it was the last race of the day, we entered the Triumph in the 750 Mod Prod race first, then went and signed up for the Twins class. The displacement limit for 1981 would be 1000cc. It should be noted that this bike had been up-dated to T140 spec.  On the grid that day was a number of machines, though the only one I really remember was Craig Weeks on a 750 Ducati Desmo. When the green flag dropped I was first away... and never looked back. When I rounded tunr-11 on the final lap there was Chris Quinn and Bret Morshead jumping up and down as I went by for the win. I was a good day, to say the least.    Below: #151 comes off turn-11 for the final time to win the Twins race.
1982 would be my first year racing with the AMA (#111) in their "Battle of The Twins" series. Unlike AFM, the AMA had three classes; GP, Modified Production and Stock. Each class had 1000cc limit, while in each class the rules varied. In Modified Production for example, we'd have to use a machine built/sold for street use, have all lighting equippment (and it must work), while in the engine... anything goes except the "stroke must remain stock".  Below: AMA National at Sears Point, shows Craig Weeks (Duc750) leading Mike Green (111)... we ended up second & third (the Tri having a bad wobble at anything over 100). Below-Right: Laguna Seca National 1982 (71 is Dave Roper), we're out front!  Bottom:  For 1983 I was given #21, this shot is from Laguna Seca National. L-R: Bret Morshead (standing), Rob Whitaker, Chris Quinn and Mike Green. Note the 18" front wheel, dual disc's  & clip-ons now fitted... this cured the high speed wobble.  We DNF'ed this race with a clutch problems after some 10+ laps. The next race at Sears Point we would have a MAP Belt drive fitted to the primary.