More BoTT Racing...
From 1982-1984 seasons we would be competing against 1000cc machines in AMA BoTT Modified Proudction, whereas in 1985 they introducted the 750cc class (Modified Producation Lightweight).
From 1982 just after the dual disc's were fitted...
Below & Below-Left: 1983 shows an 18" front wheel, new lightweight brake calipers, steering damper and clip-on bars fitted. Note the AVON Venom tyres we were using/testing. During the AMA National at Sears Point in August '83 we flogged the Triumph to a 4th place finish against the 1000cc bikes, thus being the first 750 home. The new Avon's, we must admit, weren't very good. They lasted the race distance, but overall grip was poor, even more so compaired to the K181R Dunlops. In the photo below you can see the new AM18 Super Venom on the rear - this was the first one ever sent to the USA (we still have #2), and it too lacked grip. At a cold AFM Riverside race we finally had to take to Avon's off they were so bad, and we lucked out as the Dunlop man gave us a set of tires for free!  The AVON test report would spell this out, as did the stop watch and Mike's 2nd place finish.   
Right: Shows MG leading Rick Weber's BMW around turn-11 at Sears Point to take the victory in Open Twins (1984).

For the 1985 season we repainted the 750 white with black decals. Dunlop's replaced the AVON's for racing (though we still tested AVON's when they sent new tyres, and wouldn't switch back until the were competitvie).

Below-Right & Below:
Are from 1985, again at Sears Point in Open Twins action.