More BoTT Racing...
Above: Hap Jones himself with the WCBR machines at Lagina Seca, AMA National 1985. Our long time sponsor, we owe a great deal to Hap and Walt... THANKS guys!  Mike Green rode #21 Triumph, while Chris Quinn rode #22 BSA.
Below-Right: Making Hap proud... Mike Green pulls a hole-shot in the 750 Modified Production BoTT event at Laguna Seca, AMA National 1985 with WCBR1 Triumph.   For 1985 AMA introduced the Lightweight Modified Production class for 750cc machines, the Heavyweight was for 1000cc machines. We were now more compeitive...  and had big hopes of competing all season, sadly sponsorship money wasn't what we had hoped (it is expensive to chase a national series).  Hence we competed at Sears Point at both the National & Pro-Am, and of course Laguna Seca in '85.
Below: Leading the 1985 AMA National 750 Modified Production BoTT race.
Mike would lead some 5 or so laps... that is until the crankshaft broke!
Right: Mike Green hussles the 750 Triumph out of turn-11 at Sears Point en route to AFM Open-Twin Win, 1984. In 1984 MG would finish Second in the points in AFM Open-Twins Championship.

During the AMA National at Laguna Seca we again entered the 750 Triumph in the Mod Prod BoTT (to 1000cc) race. The race was a real wild one to say the least...  as we had three Red Flags due to wrecks. A long time racer buddy, Bud Riddle ended up in the hospital on the last red flag, having collided with a Ducati in turn-4. We finish 5th in class that day. 
Right: Later in the season the Triumph would break its gearbox while leading at Willow Springs... with no time to complete a replacement engine, we brought out the A65L BSA, and finished 4th in Open Twins (AFM) at Sears Point.