Above: From 1985, The Girls of the CVRG... L-R: #96 Carmen Lynaugh WCBR-Ducati 350, #84 Michelle "Hot Rod" Bisson  Yetman-Ducati (Mork) and #71 Mary Rock Kaw A1R at Willow Springs Raceway for the 100th Anniv of Motorcycling with the AFM.
For 1985, the CVRG would run its own series in conjunction the AFM. These events saw both large and small grids, displacements again being 200, 250, 350 and 500cc, and all "GP" specification.  The big battles were normally in the 250cc class, which was the biggest class at the time.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION;  We hope to post all of the old CVRG race results & points standings. If you have photos you'd like to display, please e-mail a scanned jpeg about 6x4" to address on main page.
The final race of the Triple Crown Series was at the fun and fast 6-turn Las Vegas Speedway; Zimmer & McGee the hosts & promoters.  Needless to say, the CVRG crew went home the victors; Michael Green being not only the 250GP Champion, but the overall Champion for the Series.

For the 1985 season the CVRG had made a deal with the AFM, and the AMA... we would ride their coat-tails, so to speak.  The new season would see eleven road races, once again our man (Mr Green) would take top honors; winning eleven out of eleven 250GP races won him both the 250GP  and overall CVRG title. These eleven races, as mentioned, would run with botht AFM & AMA. The AFM races where normally gridded behind 125GP & 250-ModProd, making up the thrid wave, while at AMA races we'd have a stand alone event of 12 laps. It was great fun for all involved, adn the competition within the CVRG was getting stronger as the season progressed.

1986: The CVRG Historic Motocross season would debut in 1986 (after a sucsessfully testing the rules at the 1985 Dick Mann Vintage Dirt Bike Rally at Sandhill Ranch. This would be the premier season for both the rules and the racing, the end result was better than expected!.

For 1986 CVRG road racing  would run the same program, but we'd add a new event to the season, the Race through the streets of Steamboat Springs (Colorado).