Racing in Dublin Continued...

February 1973; During the first part of the month, our little group had scheduled another MX Marathon for Hidden Lake. On this particular weekend it rained and rained and rained. We did get up to the track that day, via the trail behind the houses on Rampart (which is now a paved bicycle trail!). Most of the track was so slick we re-scheduled the race. If you think we went home, think again (maybe we should of). Already wet and muddy we set off for a day of playing in Dublin. First stop was Romley's market. From there we headed for the "oval" (where Mervyens & ToysR Us are now).  From there we went and played at "Foremost", which means the field where the Dublin City offices now stand, and the creek along side (and under 580/680 Interchange - we used this route for going to/from Pleasanton). For lunch we headed for Straw Hat Pizza on Village Parkway, we must have been a sight,  all theoe muddy dirt bikes parked out front, and the muddy and cold riders inside trying to warm themselves.  After lunch we made our way to Sports Cycle Corral, the local Triumph-Kawasaki-Honda dealer... then we headed back to the "oval" and then home up Dublin Blvd (always staying in the dirt - or mud on that day).  At Dublin Blvd & San Ramon Rd (Hwy-21 as we knew it), Mike Green made the mistake of riding across the intersection.  It was still raining heavily and the traffic lights weren't working, instead flashing red for all directions.  "When it looked like it was my turn I proceeded through the intersection complete with (knobbies in the wet). I'd seen a red pick-up coming as I took off... thinking he would stop at the red light I didn't give him much thought... that is until I found him in front of me! I grabbed the front brake and tried to lay it down in hopes of missing his rear fender. Almost made it too... the right fork leg caught the bumper and I high sided onto Dublin Blvd in front of the Union 76 station... where I broke my wrist", says Michael Green in February 2004. 
Above Right: The picture tells the story, Mike & the Rickman 125 the day after..
The photo to the
Right: is Mike Green and Steve Nesselroad in April of 1973 at the Church on Amarillo Rd.   
Left: Rob Whitaker riding a mini-bike is his backyard in Dublin... November 1968.

Below: 1977 in Dublin, Rob Whitaker on his '71 Honda SL100 in front of his house!
Left: Mike Green repairs the Kaw Dynamite tire... sometime in 1972.