1965 Ducati #WCBR5.DM84 
Rider: Michael Green

Ending my first outing at Las Vegas on a high note had me looking forward to 1984.
For 1984 I would enter the 250 in a number of AFM-Vintage events at Sears Point, and when racing with AFM-South at Riverside, we’d compete in 250-Modified Production, after which Quinn would score the vintage machines separately from the modern bikes. We had some good fun at all the tracks that year, but I’m most proud of the fact that I won the AFM 250 Modified Production race at Riverside International Raceway with my 250 Ducati! 

By July ’84 Chris Quinn and I had formed the CVRG and had agreed to take part in a “Triple Crown” series. Round-1 would run at Sears Point in August, with the AFM & CVRG; Round-2 at Willow Springs in September (CRMC); and Round-3 at Las Vegas with the Zimmer-McGee event. 
After I crossed the finish line at Las Vegas I had amassed a perfect record, three wins in three starts (in 250GP), hence winning the 250GP class Championship, but also the title of “Triple Crown Champion 1984”.  The little Ducati more than earned its keep…    But I have to admit that, hadn’t Fred Mork loaned me his CRTT Aermacchi at Willow Springs (after the Ducati tied a piston in the last practice, it was well over 100 that day, and I got the jetting wrong), I may not have won that day.  I had begun to change the top-end when Fred offered the bike, knowing I was running out of time. Having never ridden a CRTT before I was a bit cautious.  Fred only asked that I not rev it past 10,000 rpm. I found myself on the last row of the grid, ahead of by lie 250’s, then 350’s, and the 500’s up front. By turn-9 on lap one Fred was leading with his 350 Ducati, by the time we hit the Start-Finish line I had drafted past with the Aermacchi to take the lead… and go on to win.

1985 Season. We had an official CVRG series, the little 250 and I won eleven out of eleven 250GP class wins! Thus becoming the CVRG 250GP Champion and overall club road racing Champion. 

1986 Season
3/3     250GP           Daytona         First 
3/3     500 Premier   Daytona         13th
4/20   250GP           Sears Point     2nd
5/18   250GP           Sears Point     2nd
6/8     250GP           Sears Point     crashed
(with Michelle Bisson in turn-7)
7/13   250GP           Laguna Seca   First
8/31   250GP           Sears Point     First
9/6    250GP            Steamboat      First
9/6    500 Premier    Steamboat      5th
9/6    All Comers      Steamboat      6th
9/14  250GP            Sears Point     First
10/12 250GP           Sears Point     DNF
(rear hub broke up).
10/26 250GP           Sears Point     3rd

1986 CVRG 250GP Points, Second (Mike Canepa won with CRTT).
1986 AMA Historic Cup Series, 250 Lightweight, 4th
Above: Sears Point 1984
Left: Mike Green leading the 250GP race at Sears Point in August 1986. Note the white fenders now fitted.  Right: Steamboat Springs 1986;  Mike Green took to the "Race through the Streets", here he's  en route to a 250GP win, one of 16 at Steamboat.
Above & Above-Right: Daytona 1986; Starting at the back of the grid in 250-Lightweight Mike Green on his HAP JONES & Barnett & Castrol sponsored Ducati 250 set out for the front with fellow CVRG member Jeff Hecox in tow (CRTT). Green took the lead on lap-10 of 12 and went on to win, Jeff dropped from 2nd to finish 4th with engine troubles on the last lap.  This day the 250 race was gridded behind the 350-Lightweight class, the 350's leaving 15-seconds before to the 250's. Green not only won the 250 class, but was 4th overall! Later in the day he'd finish 13th in 500-Premier on the 250 with a bad misfire (points came lose).