WCBR5 Continued...
1987 Season.
2/14    test                Willow Springs   test
3/2     250GP            Daytona             First   (18 starters)
3/2     500 Premier    Daytona              8th    (42 starters)
3/29   250GP            Sears Point         First
4/19   250GP            Sears Point         3rd
5/10   250GP            Sears Point         2nd
6/28   250GP            Sears Point         First
7/11   250GP            Laguna Seca       3rd
7/12   500 Premier    Laguna Seca        18th
8/1     250GP           Mid-Ohio            First
8/16   250GP           Willow Springs    First
8/29   250GP           Sears Point          3rd
8/29   500 Premier   Sears Point          6th
9/12   250GP           Steamboat           2nd
10/11 250GP           Sears Point          First

1987 AHRMA 250cc Lightweight Champion, Mike Green.
1987 CVRG 250cc Lightweight Champion, Mike Green.
Above: Daytona 1987 with WCBR5 & WCBR1.
The CVRG "Wrecking Crew" was out in force for  Daytona 1988; In the 250GP class there was Mike Green (Duc), Mike Canepa (CRTT), Jeff Hecox (Duc) and Michelle Bisson (Yetman-Duc).  Practice went well, that is until Michelle crashed and was injured. Dave Walden would take over the soon to be repaired machine. This year the 250 class would stand alone...  Green was on the front row, the others scattered. When the flag dropped everyone left but Green, he was pushing his bike trying to re-start it to no avale. A turn worker began motioning Green to get off the track as the pack would soon be here... at that same moment Green found the problem, the battery had come disconnected. Green reconnected the battery, selected first gear and began to walk the bike... the turn worker, who was running, gave Green a push and the 250 burst to life.  With that, Green was on his, though dead last. Each lap Green was clearly the fastest bike on course... as he made his way through the pack. With just over two laps to go he passed Hecox on the banking, then Walden in the International Horseshoe (Walden was running 2nd). On the next lap Green passed Mike Canepa, who had been leading since the start, on the banking to take the lead and the win! CVRG members finished 1,2,3,4.     
Right: Mike Green finished 2nd at Steamboat in 250GP... we just can't remember why!

Bottom: During the AMA National at Sears Point, the AMA fitted a pylon chicane on the front straight leading into turn-1, this required a hard left - then right to take you up the hill... Here Mike jumps the dirt section, thus avoiding the hard right portion of the chicane. No one complained.