WCBR5 Continued...
1988 Season
/29    250GP          Daytona         First
2/29    500 Premier   Daytona         6th
2/29    350GP           Daytona        5th
3/28    250GP          Sears Point     First
4/3      250GP          Riverside        First
6/18    250GP          Sears Point     First
(Overall! Beat all the 500ís too!).
6/26    250GP          Riverside        First
7/9      250GP          Laguna Seca   First
7/9      500 Premier   Laguna Seca  9th
8/6      250GP          Mid-Ohio       First
9/10    250GP          Steamboat      First
9/10    350GP          Steamboat      4th
9/10    500 Premier  Steamboat       8th
10/1    250GP         Sears Point     First
10/1    350GP         Sears Point     3rd

1988 CVRG 250GP Championship.
1988 AHRMA 250GP, 4th.
(didnít go to enough AHRMA races).
Above: Daytona 1988; Mike Green wins the 250GP for the third straight year.
Above: Steamboat Springs, CO.
Below: Outside WCBR before Daytona.
Left: Steamboat Springs, CO. 350GP Race: Mike Green is on 21, the third bike in line, he started on row-3.  Bret Morshead leads with the 350, Scott Borem is second...   Green was in this event as a blocker, thus allowing Bret to gain maximum points.  Borem won however.
Left: Riverside Raceway, CA, the first track MG ever went to, at 2 weeks old, for the Los Angeles Times Grand Prix in 1958...  Mike would win the "Last Race of Riverside" ever, when during an AFM/CVRG event they were the last race of the day, behind 250 Modified Production... and Green passed everyone to win with the Ducati!