WCBR6  Continued...
1988 Season

2/29   350GP    Daytona      4th
2/29   Premier   Daytona      7th
3/27   350GP    Sears Point  First
4/3     350GP    Riverside     2nd
6/18   350GP    Sears Point  First
6/26   350GP    Riverside     First
7/9     350GP    Laguna Seca 3rd
7/9     Premier   Laguna Seca DNS (bent valve)
9/10   350GP    Steamboat    2nd
9/10   Premier   Steamboat    6th
10/1   350GP    Sears Point   DNS

1988 CVRG 350GP Champion; Bret Morshead.
Above: Daytona 1988, 350/Left & 250/R
Below: Daytona 1988, Bret Morshead & Mike Green after a day of fun at the beach.
Below: Bret Moreshead practicing at Sears Point.
Above: CVRG Wrecking Crew 1988
Below: Bret en route to Riverside win.
Below: 350GP Start, Steamboat Spring, CO., 1988;  Bret leads the pack with Scott Borem second on the yellow Ducati and Mike Green third on his 250 Duc.
Right: Bret hussles the 350 around Steamboat.