1965 Ducati #WCBR7.DM88
Rider: Michael Green   Brian Filo
          Michael Moore   Mike Kirby
We commenced building this machine in 1988 after Chris Quinn came up with the 200GP class. 5-speed 200cc Duc's are rare as hen's teeth, and not wanting a 4-speed version, we built this 200 out of a 250cc. Fitting a sleeve into the cylinder and a smaller piston we were able to match the original 200 displacement. And Amal 930 carb was used, and the head modified to suit the smaller piston. It's debut race would be Daytona Historic Cup Races in 1989. 
First race of the day at Daytona was the 200GP race. We had played with the jetting in practice, and we're pleased thus far with its performance. Lined up on the grid were machines from 125cc to 200cc... . When the flag fell the 200 made quick work of most of the field...  only the Bultaco 125 water-cooled GP machine stood in its way of victory. 
At Sears Point the 200 ran flawlessly, leading every lap (and in fact passed all 750 Sportsman machines!). 
At Steamboat Springs in '89 it again led every lap to win, thus winning the AHRMA 200GP National Championship.   
Below: Mike Green on the 200cc WCBR-Ducati;  Rounding Sears Point Turn-11 for the final time to win!
Above: WCBR7 (200) being readied for Daytona 1989.
Below: Testing at Sears Point prior to Daytona.
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