WCBR7 Continued...
For 1990 we'd take the 200 out only twice,  Mike Green and the 200 won them both!

3/5    200GP    Daytona       First
9/15  200GP    Steamboat    First

1990 AHRMA 200GP Championship - Second

In 1991
, Mike Green again won at Daytona. As for Steamboat Springs, Mike had just caught the leader when a red flag came out due to a crash in front of the pits. The race was to be re-started... but it never was, thus our winning streak was over. AHRMA official said, "you've won enough races this year" when we protested the no re-start! So someone was awarded points for winning  a 3-lap race.

3/4    200GP   Daytona      First
9/14  200GP   Steamboat   3rd

1991 AHRMA/BMW Trophy Cup 200GP Champion
Above & Below: Steamboat Springs 1989, 200 Ducati wins!
1992: Though we took the 200 to Daytona, it did not race.
For 1993
we'd take the 200 our more than a few times... Las Vegas in June was a real ball. Mike Green battled with a Honda twin throughout the race for the top spot until the fairing mount (front) broke, so settled for 2nd.  Seattle, WA., was another good day. AHRMA rider Mike Kirby (from FL) barrowed the 200 for the 200GP race, which was run like an MX.  MG used the 200 in the second round of SoS/Jr (Sound of Singles) & 250GP when the 250 blew the cylinder & head out of the cases.  In SoS the 200 finished 2nd (MG won the first race on the 250, hence was 2nd overall). In 250GP action Scott Borem lead most of the first lap, the 200 caught him in the valley just before the up hill to take the lead. After a few laps Borem and Mike pulled away from most the class, but one... the 200 couldn't hold onto the lead up the front straight, Borem powering past. the 200 was 2nd overall.
At Steamboat Springs, the roads were dry and everything clicked in the 200 race, that is until the megaphone bracket broke and allowed it to roll under. The right hander at the bottom of the hill, the megaphone touched down as Green bent the bike into the corner, this picking up the rear wheel.... to correct it and save from falling MG headed for a field below. Over the bank and into the field he went...  without crashing.  Re-entering the race, less megaphone, Mike finish 3rd.

6/5    200GP   Las Vegas    2nd
6/12  200GP   Seattle         4th 
(Mike Kirby, rider)
6/12  SoS/Jr    Seattle         2nd overall
(MX format)
6/12  250GP   Seattle         2nd overall
(MX format)
9/18  200GP  Steamboat    3rd
(went off road when pipe broke).
Below: Mike Green hustles the 200 to the front at Steamboat Springs 1991... note that the roads are still dry.
Bottom: Mike Green #1 leads the 250GP race at Seattle 1993 on the 200 Duc... #274 is Scott Borem on a Ducati 250.