WCBR7 Continued...
For 1994 we had a new sponsor, and the idea was to win the 250GP & 350GP National Championship. With that said, the 200 stayed either on the truck (or home) for most races, using it as a rolling parts bike or back-up machine.  So we could keep the 250 on the West Coast for the up-coming Summer races, we shipped the 200 back to Gratten, MI for the 250GP race... though it wasn't 200cc, but 250cc. Sadly we didn't have time to build a trick cylinder head like the one on the 250, so raced with the 930 Amal / Single plug head instead... we finished 2nd.

5/21   250GP   Gratten, MI     2nd

This bike wouldn't race again until 1997, that year
"TO" Promotions put on a race with the AMA at Laguna Seca, where Michael Moore would ride the bike in the 250 class (it was now back to 200cc). 
MG would ride the 200 at Willow Springs, but the ignition coil failed thus resulting in a DNF.
Brian Filo would race the 200 at Sears Point, where he did quite well first time out.  Since then this bike hasn't raced.

4/20   250GP    Laguna Seca         3rd
(Michael Moore, rider)
4/29   200GP   Willow Springs     DNF (ign coil failed)
4/30   200GP   Willow Springs     DNS
8/23   200GP   Sears Point           4th
(Brian Filo, rider)
8/23   250GP   Sears Point           8th (Brian Filo, rider)
8/24   200GP   Sears Point           4th (Brian Filo, rider)
8/24   250GP   Sears Point           7th (Brian Filo, rider)

Below: Brian Filo at Sears Point in 200GP.
Above: Michael Moore on the 200 at Laguna Seca 1997.