Rider: Michael Green  #21
#C15F SS 284 - WCBR.C15MX.LWT.488        
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It wasn’t until 1988 that WCBR would build a second BSA C15, hence the “488” in the engine number. Mike Green would race this machine in Premier Lightweight – Intermediate (formerly Pre-’65 Lightweight) and later Expert class. This class is for machines built prior to 1966 with a maximum displacement of 250cc.  The photo on the right is from the 1988 season, after winning its first CVRG Championship. Mike Green and the C15 have gone on to win numerous other races and titles in both AHRMA regional and national events.
“I’ve really enjoyed racing the C15 over the years. Though its fragile at times, it’s just a blast to ride”, says Mike Green, builder & rider of this machine.
When this C15 was built WCBR went straight for the throat and pumped the engine to its near maximum. Using 11.5:1 PowerManx piston from a T100, a modified crankshaft, big valve/ported cylinderhead, a 930 Amal, custom exhaust and a CR gear set, this C15 really flies! The frame is a mid 60’s era BSA single with a A/A extended alloy swingarm. Up front are CZ forks & wheel are fitted to Ceriani clamps. The rear wheel is a BSA quick-change.
Right: 1992 Sandhill MX "mudfest"... it won but at a price, as it had to be dragged out of the truck on Monday!
Middle: 1995 Hollister National... #21 leads and wins! #3D is the WCBR-Ducati SCR.
Bottom: Tommyville GP 1997 (Sandhill, CA) winning the Premier Class overall... again.