Customer Machines....
Here's a few of the machines we built over the years for customers and friends alike.
These are the ones we photographed.... 
Names and/or pictures DO NOT denote any endorcement from the owner/customer/rider in phots shown here. Information was taken from repair orders. These photo's are for enjoyment purposes only.  Copyright WCB2004.
Above: Gary Hubback's BSA Trials replica. Built 1989.
Below: Ken Harvey's BSA GS Scrambler. Built 1991/92.
Below: Al Wenzel's 1965 DOT 250 Scrambler.
Above: 1972 Triumph T120R.
Below: George's Triumph 650 MX'er.
Below: Chris Quinn's '71 BSA A65L, April 1985 at Sears Point... Mike Green finished 3rd in AFM Open-Twins class.
Below: BSA 500 from Sacramento.