#187 Above & right: #1091/1 is a 350 built in 1991... one of two ordered.
#287 is #1091/2.   The machines in the background belong to WCBR..
These two machines were delivered back east and competed at Daytona in '92.
Left: The 250 with blank number plates is #990/1
This went to NJ in 1990. It was later in
Cycle World Magazine. It was later sold.

Below: Testing at Willow Springs;  In February '94 WCBR tested here prior to Daytona '94. This is Valley Machine's Earl Minkler (who does WCBRs machine work) aboard the a 350 we built for a  Michigan customer. Earl raced the bike at Savanna -where he won the SoS race- and at Daytona that year in both 350GP and Sound of Singles.
Right: The #1 is #1091/3 and is a 250cc Diana spec machine. This was later sold to a customer in Japan in 1993.
Bottom: Mike Green on the same machine as pictured on the right... but now fitted with a new fairing and new logos.  This photo is at Gratten, MI., moments before Mike crashed when the bigend seized and locked the rear wheel (due to bogus clutch plates that wore and broke up)... while battling Roper for the lead of the 350GP race (1994).The bike was barely damaged. WCBR would not race this machine again.
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DUCATI by WCBR... Are YOU interested in going vintage racing?  Want to be competitive out of the box (bike wise)? Want to hear that wonderful sound of the megaphone at full throttle? Then consider a Ducati by WCBR. Whether we sell you a race ready bike or overhaul and prepare your machine, you can be sure that you'll have a machine to be proud of.
Mike Green has been racing Ducati singles since 1979 and has won an untold number of races with these nimble singles. Over the years he's gained the knowledge to make these bikes fast and dependable. Contact us with your needs.