Ducati Single Parts List By WCBR
This list of parts & part numbers has been compiled by WCBR over the many years we've raced these machines. A majority of the part numbers are genuine Ducati, while others may look like a Ducati #, they are really our part number.
When ordering, please use part numbers when possible. 
Some items listed may require special ordering or fabricating, while others may be out of stock. Those listed NLS = No Longer Supplied (by the manufacturer).
If you would like to print these parts list pages, and the Ducati Service Material elsewhere on this site, please feel free to do so. Please be aware that, like this web site, these pages are protected by Copyright 1992-2005 by WCB/WCBR.
ENGINE: Top-End assembly.

Part#                   Disc.                               Price
0603.92.120         Exhaust Valve, 36mm Std     $49.21
0603.92.120T36   Exhaust Valve, 36mm Titan   $130.00
0603.92.120T36.7 Ex Valve, 36x7mm Titan      $130.00
0603.92.120T38   Exhaust Valve, 38mm Titan   $130.00
0603.92.110         Intake Valve, 40mm Std        $49.21
0603.92.110T40   Intake Valve, 40mm Titan      $130.00
0603.92.110T40.7 In Valve, 40x7mm Titan       $130.00
0603.92.110T41   Intake Valve, 41mm Titan      $130.00
0603.92.110T42   Intake Valve, 42mm Titan      $130.00
0603.92.390         Guide, Valve, Std                 $13.95
0603.92.395         Guide, Valve +.002”             $13.95
0603.92.396         Guide, Valve +.009”             $13.95
0603.92.390C       Guide, Valve, Custom          $26.00
0600.92.343         Collet, Valve  4-each             $2.50-ea
0603.92.240         Seal, Valve 2-each                 $3.25-ea
7003RD               Seal, Valve for custom guide   $5.50-ea
0420-92-140         Valve Spring, Hairpin  4-ea    $19.50-ea
607-D                  Coil Valve Spring kit, Titan  $105.00
0601.92.170         Rocker Arm, solid                $140.00
Labor                 Regrind Rocker Arm            $ 79.00-ea
0600-92-170        Rocker Arm, adjustable          $123.75
0400-92.250        Bushing, Rocker  2-ea            $15.00-ea
0400.92.255        Bushing, Rocker +.005”         $15.00-ea
0600.92.240        Shaft, Rocker                        $18.00
0400.70.120        Flat Shim, Rocker                 $00.40
0150.92.220       Spring Shim, Rocker              $1.25
75120.1542        Bearing, Cam  2-each              $12.00-ea
0602.29.010       Camshaft, Mk3 Red-1064        $262.00
0603.29.010       Camshaft, Mach-1 Gray-1965   $262.00
0601.29.010       Camshaft, SCR White            $200.00
564-00R            Cam, Racing, MegaCycle        $272.00
564-x9              Cam, Racing, MegaCycle        $272.00
563-00              Cam, Racing, Mega… Desmo  $328.00
0400.29.020       Key, cam/crank                      $00.95
0400.29.050       Nut-LH, cam/crank                 $5.00
0400.29.040       Locktab, cam/crank                 $1.00
73503.3380        Circlip, cam                          $1.00
0606.92.640       Cam Bearing Holder 250         $38.00
0600.92.640       Cam Bearing Holder 350         $38.00
0606.92.820       Rocker Cover                        $27.80

Part#                  Disc.                                     Price
0400.49.013         Bolt, Head/Cyl 200/250             $11.00
0400.49.010         Bolt, Head/Cyl  350                  $11.00
0400.49.013CM    Bolt, Head/Cyl 250 Chr Molly    POR
0400.49.010CM    Bolt, Head/Cyl 350 Chr Molly    POR
75243.1542          Bearing, Towershaft, Upper         $12.00

Note: When ordering Racing Pistons please include CR & Valve Dia.
Note: All piston's must be clayed and sized, then machined as required to suit engine prior to running.
Note: NO RETURN on Special Order or Custom Made Racing Parts.

64-00012/1D         68mm Piston 200cc, Cast          $65.00
0500.47.400V       67mm Piston 200cc, Racing       POR
0500.47.500V       68mm Piston 200cc, Racing       POR
0500.47.600V       69mm Piston 200cc, Racing       POR
MC74STD           74mm MC Piston, 250              $100.00
MC74+020           74+.020” MC Piston, 250          $100.00
0603.47.400V       74mm Piston 250cc, Racing        POR
0603.47.500V       74+020” Piston 250cc, Racing     POR
0603.47.600V       75mm Piston 250cc, Racing        $120.00
0606.47.500V       76+020” Piston 350cc, Racing     POR  
0606.47.600V       77mm Piston 350cc, Racing        POR
0606.47.700V       77+.020" Piston 350cc, Racing    POR
0606.47.800V       78mm Piston 350cc, Racing        POR
0615.47.400V       86mm Piston 450cc, Racing        POR
0615.47.500V       86+020” Piston 450cc, Racing     POR
0615.47.600V       87mm Piston 450cc, Racing        POR
0615.47.700V       86+020” Piston 450cc, Racing     POR
0615.47.800V       87mm Piston 450cc, Racing        POR
0615.47.901V       LS500 Piston 500cc, Racing        POR
0615.47.902V       +020”  Piston 500cc, Racing       POR
0615.47.903V       +040”  Piston 500cc, Racing       POR

Note: When ordering rings state Bore Size in “MM”
0500.47.400R       67mm Ring Set 200cc               POR
0603.47.400VR     74-76mm Ring Set 250cc          $55.00
0606.47.400VR     76-78mm Ring Set 350cc          $55.00
0615.47.500R       86-88mm Ring Set 450cc          POR
0615.47.901R       LS500 Ring Set  500cc             POR
0602.47.460TB    Teflon Button x2, 250/350 std    $4.90-ea
0602.47.460TB+  Teflon Button x2, Ύ” dia           $4.90-ea
0615.47.460TB    Teflon Button x2, 450 std          $5.20-ea
0615.47.901TB    Teflon Button x3, 500               $5.20-ea
Labor                 Pin fit; fit wrist pin to piston      $6.00-ea
0602.47.450        Piston Pin, 250/350                  $18.00
0602.47.456        Piston Pin, Oversize                  $18.00
0602.47.750        Piston Pin, Ύ”                         $20.00
0615.47.456        Piston Pin, 450/500                   POR
0400.47.290        Small-end Bushing 200-350       $16.00
0400.47.295        Small-end Bushing  Oversize      $16.00
0400.47.750SP    Small-end Bushing Ύ” ID          POR
0602.47.460        Circlip, piston                          $1.25-ea

66-00009D           Gasket Set, 250/350 NC/WC     $28.00
0600.51.104         Gasket Set, 175-350NC, Gen     $25.00
0250.51.204         Gasket Set, 160JR OHC            $19.00
0400.51.105         Oil Seal Set, all NC 5-speed       $11.00
16-00199             Allen Kit, All NC 200-350         $30.00
16-00220             Allen Kit, Primary                    $10.00
16-00221             Allen Kit, T/C & GB Covers     $11.00
16-00222             Allen Kit, Crankcase                 $4.00
16-00223             Allen Kit, Cyl-Head –all            $13.00
0601.84.010         Exhaust Collar Nut                   $ 22.00
0400.84.023         Exhaust Header 200-350            $78.00
0601.84.021         Exhaust Pipe, Scrambler            POR
0602.84.100R      Megaphone, Replica                  $125.00
0602.84.101D      Muffler, Dunstall Replica            $ 55.0
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