Ducati Singles 
By Michael Green

What can I same about them? A lot!  As Iíve already mentioned, it was Chris Quinn that sparked my interest in the little single, and I enjoyed my time on his machines immensely.  It was only a matter of time before I would have one of my own.

On May 23, 1983 we purchased a Ducati 250 basketcase from Eric Tucker with hopes of one day restoring it and playing with it on the track. Since I was still deep into racing the BoTT series, both AMA and AFM, I had little time, nor money, to spend on the Ducati. As the í83 season progressed I caught wind of Zimmer-McGee vintage day at Las Vegas, scheduled for November of the same year.  In September Dennis Zimmer called me and asked if Iíd bring our 1929 Sunbeam to Vegas, it sounded like fun, so I agreed. The more I thought about it, the more I considered getting a Ducati built in time to join the fun. Thus, with three weeks before the Las Vegas event I dove head long into the box of parts. Two days before we were scheduled to leave Dublin for Las Vegas, Bret and I bumped the little Ducati 250 to life!   The total cost? $550.00

After the Las Vegas weekend, where the little Ducati placed 4th in the 250 race, I was hopelessly hooked. The bike offered things that the Triumph couldnít. It was easier to work on for one, was far more dependable, and its track manners were outstanding. You could place the Ducati anywhere on the track you pleased with no dire consequences. The feedback was fantastic, while the overall thrill was great! I knew from then onwards that I had a bike that I could one day take to the forefront of vintage racing in AmericaÖ if we could only get it going (see CVRG & AHRMA for more on that story).

Over the next few years I began to build additional Ducatiís as time and cash permitted, and in doing so, WCBR would contest and win more than its fair share of vintage races... including 10 Daytona wins and 16 at Steamboat Springs! To view our four Ducati's, the 200, the 250 and the pair of 350's, use the links below.

The links below will take you to particular motorcycles.

Links to WCBR-Ducatiís:
250-WCBR5    200-WCBR7
350-WCBR6    350-WCBR9

WCBR-Ducati Riders:
Michael Green    Bret Morshead
Michael Moore   Bud Riddle
Jeff Hecox         Earl Minkler 
Brian Filo           Mike Kirby
Above: Sears Point AMA/AHRMA National 1989; L-R: 350 Duc, 250 Duc, 200 Duc & the 160 Trials bike.  On this day WCBR would win 3 out of three races! And all 3 were back-to-back... 200GP, 500-Sportsman, and 250GP.