Racing in Dublin...
In the late 1960's and early 1970's those of us who lived and played in Briarhill and Silvergate were racing everything, bicycles and motorcycles. Unlike parents of today, our parents didn't haul us to and from the motorcycles races, in fact most of the parents didn't want us racing, Period.
With that said, we raced anyway. How? We put on our own races, normally 2-hour marathon MX events at Hidden Lake or The Lot (Hansen's old ranch).  During these events 2 riders would share one bike over the 2-hour timed event. Machines varied in type and displacement. Eric Tucker and I once teamed up on a Kawasaki Dynamite 75cc against Honda Trail 90s and a lone SL100. We finished 2nd! For February 1973 we'd scheduled another Marathon, only to have it rain so bad that Hidden Lake and The Lot were impassable... so we went riding all over Dublin.  See the next page for more on this story..
Another time I was going to race a 36a Greeves, but clutch problems on race day stopped that. There were many events, lots of laughs and memories.... here's a few we can share with you.
Few photos have stood the test of time, but I do have a few from the November 8th, 1974 race from Hidden Lake (top of Betlen Drive).
Top-Right: John Anderson teamed with Mike Morhan on the SL125 Honda to take the win on November 8th, 1974.  This is the sweeper out of the lake bed at Hidden Lake.

Below: Mike Morhan (right) is taking over from John Anderson.

Bret Morshead holds the flag, while Jay Dargert, who finished second on a 100cc Honda Elsinior, looks on.
Above: Bret Morshead and Steve Woolverton with the Chris Quinn owned 350cc Duacti Scrambler that Mike Green and Steve were to ride in the Nov 8, 1974 event at Hidden Lake. Steve rode most of the 2-hours and took 3rd overall.
Above & Right: From March 1974 at Hidden Lake...   #690 is Dave Ernst on his then new Honda 125. Right is believed to be Mike McPeak on his 100cc Penton.
Above: Kenny Spurit hands off to Jay Dargart on the 100cc Elsinore. 11/74.
Below: Steve Woolverton on the 350 Ducati. 11/74.
Above-Left: Rob Whitaker on his SL70.
Above-Right: The Track Crew makes repairs.
Below-Left: Mitch McPeak.
Below-Right: Mike Clark on his Husky.
Far-Left: Mike Green's SL100... in 1975 (Amarillo Rd)
Above: Eric Tucker's Suzuki 50 at Hidden Lake.
Left: Mike Morhan and his SL125 Honda at Hidden Lake.