"LS500GP" = "Long Stroke 500 Grand Prix" In late 1992 an east coast customer contatced us regarding the purchasing/building of another Ducati single, he once owned #WCB990/1/250; we talked of both a 350-short stroke and a 500cc machine, his weight would be the deciding factor. To be competivie on a 250cc/350cc machine in historic racing, you really need to be a lightweight (130 max). With that said, the project began on January 20th, 1993.   Our idea was nothing new, we always thought of building a Ducati that would be competitive against Team Obsoletes Matchless G50's;we'd already masted that result in the 350GP class against their AJS 7R. and Roper, and had planned on taking that one step further... by building a short-stroke 350 Ducati.  With the 350 short-stroke in mind we went searching for parts, we soon stumbled upon a 450 Ducati engine and a wide-case 250 Ducati (complete, but rusty).  For reasons unknown, the 350 short-storke project was shelved when we built WCBR9 (that's another story), thus we used the 450 engine as the basis for this project.  It was completed some 11 months later and tested at Willow Springs Raceway in February 1994.  It was then trucked back east, its new owner having entered it in the Premier 500 race at Daytona, sadly neither him nor the bike made it there.  Michael Green is the only one to have ridden it a speed...(below right);   "with Daytona gearing  it would pull the front wheel up through turn-6 at Willow!"
Specifications    WCBR-DUCATI

Year built                 1993
Model:            LS500GP
Displacement:   497.5cc
Type:                SOHC-Desmo Single
Bore:                 -classified-
Stroke:             - classified-
Compression:   -classified-
BHP:                 -unknown-
Carb:                 Delorto PHB 40mm
Exhaust:            Megaphone
Ignition:             6-volt Total-loss Battery/Points
Gearbox:            5-Speed CR
Primary:             Nova Straight-cut/exposed

Frame:                Chromemolly Works Replica
Wheelbase:         53.5" to 54"
Forks:                 Ceriani 35mm
Shocks:               Works Performance 13.5"
F/Brake:              Mag Double-leading shoe x2
R/Brake:              Mag Double-leading shoe
F/Tire:                 Avon AM22 110/80V18TF
R/Tire:                 Avon AM18 120/80VR18TF
Dry Weight:        -classified-
Top Speed:         -unknown-  Est 140+ mph
Cost:                   Expensive!
Like with most bikes built/sold by WCBR, this machine was totally hand-built and contains numerous special and hand-made parts and modifications. It's sad that this bike has never been raced (nor seen on the track as far as WCBR is aware); as I would of loved to battle Roper and his G50 with this Ducati special. Against the MV 500-3 or 4-cylinder machines I doubt it would have much chance at Daytona, but at Steamboat Springs...  where WCBR-Ducati's have 16 wins....  well, you know what I'm thinking.  If you have seen it, drop us a note and of course a photo or two.   MG 12/31/2003