Record keeping is an important part of any project, even more so when it comes to racing. The majority of race car sanctioning bodies require that each vehicle have a "Log-Book", and its within these pages that all sorts of information can be stored concerning your machine. VMOTO recently went the Log Book route. Anyway,  here at
WCBR we have books dating back many years for each of our machines (we supply a book for each machine sold as well).  A perfect example for having such a book is reference notes. These referance notes can be of great value during the season and seasons to come.  A perfect example of this would be you went to Steamboat last year, at days end you write down all the gearing and jetting information pertaining to that race. Next time you go to Steamboat all you'll have to do is open your book and read the notes made pertaining to that race. Now there is no guess work, you know exactly what gear ratio to pull and the correct jetting. You're now one step ahead of the competition at Steamboat.   

I have included a number of examples for creating your own Log-Book . We normally purchase a five line accounting book (8-1/2 x 11) and scribble our notes upon a number of pages for a single season, each machine should have its own book.

Example:        1997 PARTS PURCHASED/USED
Date:   Qt:   Part#:                    Description:                             $-Each     $-Total     $-Freight
8/4       1     0621.80.230          Cushion, Rear wheel                   19.20       19.20          2.20
8/4       1     0180.77.803          Brake Shoes, Rear                      52.93       52.93             0
8/4       2    0180.77.590           Spring, brake shoe                       2.00         4.00             0 
8/4       2     0400.24.060          Wheel Bearing, R (6202)             15.00       30.00             0
8/5       1     90/90H18TF          Avon Racing Tyre, Front          132.00      132.00          8.75
8/5       1    100/90H18TF         Avon Racing Tyre, Rear            139.00      139.00          include
8/5       3     __.428.188Z          44, 45, 46t Sprocket                   28.00       84.00           7.75
8/6        1    HJ-428H                Chain                                        15.00       15.00            
Example:           1997 SERVICE
Date:     Description of Work Completed:
8/5        Overhaul Rear Wheel...
a)  Fit new rear wheel bearing x2, shim axle spacer.             
b)  Fit new  brakes shoes & brake springs, safety wire springs.
8/5        Re-Gear to 15/45, fit new chain & adjust 1/4".
8/5        Fit new Tyres Front & Rear, balance.  PSI: 30-F/32-R.
8/6        Service, ready for Sears Point; Change Motor oil (Syntec x2), chk/adj points, chk/adj valves (ok).        
Example:          1997 RACING SEASON
Date:     Track:          Class:          Results:                Gearing:          Tyres:          Misc:          Carb:
3/2      Daytona           250GP            1st                  17/40             30/33           Mild               162 main 
7/12    Mid-Ohio         250GP            1st                  15/44             30/32           95+,Humid      162 main
7/13    Mid-Ohio         250GP           DNF                15/44             30/32           Holed Piston     158 main
8/23   Sears Point        250GP
8/24   Sears Point        250GP
9/13   Steamboat         250GP
Example:               1997 LAP TIMES
Date:     Track:          Class:          Time, Lap____           Lap____         Lap_____         Lap_____
3/2      Daytona           250GP           2.59                        2.55                2.55                 2.49
7/12    Mid-Ohio         250GP           1.58                        1.55
7/13    Mid-Ohio         250GP           none recorded
8/23    Sears Point       250GP
8/24    Sears Point       250GP
9/13    Steamboat         250GP
Each book should be put together as to make some sort of sense, thus we always begin with "Racing Season", "Lap Times", "Parts" and then "Service".  The first two you'll only need one page each, thus put "Lap Times" on the back side of "Racing Season". "Parts" will sometimes require two or three pages, as will "Service", thus leave some room to work.  Note everything you do with or to your machine, including modifications, replacement part numbers, even more so those made/supplied by other manufactures. In the end you'll have all the information right at your finger tips.
Left: Bret Morshead aboard WCBR6 (350 Ducati) at Steamboat Spring road race 1986