Model-90 499cc Road Racer
Owner/Builder: Richard F. Green
It's 1966, Richard Green is in England on company business, while there he looks for a pre-war motorcycle to purchase. He ventures to an old farm to look at an Excelcior grass tracker... only to find that the day before the farmer needed a "piece of pipe", he'd cut the frame in two! On a tip from a co-worker he buys a 1929 Sunbeam sight-unseen for $120.00  The company arranges shipping to San Francisco. The upper four pictures show what we found in the crate upon opening it. With all the other projects going on at that time; an Aston Martin DB3S Coupe  & 1929 Bentley 3-Litre, the Sunbeam would have to wait. It wouldn't be unitl 1975 that it would again jump to life.  It's first outing would be the C.A.M.A. event at Visalia where it would win "Best Road Racer" award (not, once, but twice!)
Left: At the C.A.M.A. event at Handford, CA where it again won "Best Road Racer".

Below-Right: Michael Green with the Sunbeam at Sears Point Raceway rounding turn-7 (1981). Michael wasn't the first one to ride the machine at Sears Point... Richard rode it in 1975. The Sunbeam has since been to Riverside, Las Vegas Raceway and Willow Springs where it helped celebrate 100-years of motorcycling.

Below-Left: Richard on his Sunbeam, 2003.

Watch for the Sunbeam in 2004, it may appear at Laguna Seca in August (HSMA races).
Above: Michael Green in 1966.
Right: Is the 350cc engine that came with the sale of the 500. Note the BTH Mag in center.
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