Trials Bikes by WCBR
Below: Is our 1963 WCBR-Ducati 160JR-Trials replica we built in 1990.The idea came from seeing a one-off special that Ducati built in the 1960s. Eric Tucker & Mike Green shared this machine in a number of AHRMA-West Trials events, competing in the Premier Lightweight class...  where they earned a number of class wins... and losses.
Left: Richard Green trys out the C15 Trialer in 1995 at WCBR in Livermore.
Below: The WCBR-BSA C15T was built in 1993/4 for use in AHRMA-West events... to replace the Ducati. It has only competed in a few events,  and has even won with Mike Green riding. Sadly it hasn't been out in years, this is due to the lack of winter events in the area. This is by far the best vintage trials bike I've ever ridden or built!  MG
Below: From 1995, the three WCBR-BSA's...  C15T, C15MX & B25-Enduro.