CVRG - AHRMA - Dublin, CA
WCBR has been racing in vintage motocross since the beginning of the vintage movement.  It was Dick Mann, along with Mike Green, J. McClinton, and Fred Mork, in Fred’s kitchen, that the (CVRG/AHRMA) MX rules you have today were first written in 1984. The first event to use these rules was Dick Mann’s 1st Annual Vintage Dirt Bike Rally (1984); this would be the start of vintage motocross and trails, as we know it today.  (Mike Green would miss the 1st Annual event to race a BoTT AFM event at Riverside, only to have it be cancelled on race day!).Thinking back on it all…  those involved with WCBRs motocross program have always raced “vintage” bikes, meaning; those with limited wheel travel and built prior to 1974.

It was Dick Mann’s event that sparked Eric Tucker into building a BSA C15 Scrambler for the 1985 event, finishing it the day before. It also sparked Rob Whitaker to donate his beloved Honda SL100 to WCBR; Mike Green would ride the SL100 and a B50 in the 2nd Annual Vintage Dirt Bike Rally.  Thus the beginning of the WCBR-MX Team.

In addition to competing, both Mike Green and Eric Tucker would help operate the new
CVRG MX series (in addition to the road racing), including establishing and operating Tech Inspection.  Kay Mann would be in charge of scoring & registration, while Dick organized the MX schedule.

Since 1985,
WCBR has won numerous CVRG & AHRMA Motocross races and Championships.
Left: WCBR at Sandhill 1989...
#22 Eric Tucker BSA C15
#21 Mike Green BSA C15
#21x Rob Whitaker Honda SL125
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Racing in Dublin, CA
BSA C15MX -  Mike Green

BSA C15MX -  Eric Tucker
BSA B40MX -  Eric Tucker
BSA B25-Enduro
Ducati 250 -     Mike Green
Honda SL125 - Rob Whitaker
Honda SL125 - Mike Green
Below: same day - same track..
Michael Moore of San Francisco is now aboard the
WCBR-Ducati 250 Scrambler, now wearing #2..
Before there was the CVRG & AHRMA there was "Hidden Lake", "The Lot", "Church Hill", and numerous other places in Dublin that we use to ride and race. Click on "Racing in Dublin" for more.
Above: Mike Green on his B50 practices in the lot behind his Dublin shop 1986.
Right: Eric Tucker on the C15 BSA playing in the mud behind WCBR 1986.
Below-Right: Another long time Dublin Honda rider from the early 1970's is Steve Woolverton, shown here on the WCBR prepared '74 Husky WR400 at DeAnza 87.
Bottom: 1988 - #21 Mike Green's C15 BSA, #22 Eric Tucker's C15 BSA &  Ducati 250 Scrambler.